Marianne Horntveth Helleve

Portefølje og curriculum vitae

Marianne Horntveth Helleve


My name is Marianne, and this is my online portfolio and CV. I’ve been developing the design and code for websites since the late 90s, and have made sites for personal use and for some small business and organizations during these years. At this moment, I’m increasing my formal education in the matter, with frontend development and digital marketing.

As a person, I’m creative and I love to create. What I love about web development and design is how you can make a practical design that’s both nice to look at, interesting to interact with, and at the same time is optimized for digital marketing and search engine optimization (SEO). SEO will improve how high your site will appear on the search results in search engines.


Digital marketing

Digital presence is everything in our modern society. I can help your business or organization with your website, social media profiles, communication strategies, planning and execution of marketing activities, and how to build a online presence for your business.

Just contact me, and we will find what you need and what I can help with.


Webdesign and accessibility

The design of a website is the first impression of your business or organization. The design is supposed to reflect your brand in a way that does not interrupt  the user experience and the accessibility for all potential users. Together, we can find a design that will match your needs and wants, and I will make sure that the user experience and accessibility will be up to par.

I can also contribute with taking photos for your business, graphical elements, illustrations or specially made icons if needed.