Marianne Horntveth Helleve

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WordPress-based websites

WordPress is a highly flexible platform for building websites. The sites can be adjusted almost all designs, and is easy to administer for the business or organization. The platform comes with a complete user interface for adding new pages and entries, or edit existing content.

Treogdesign skjermbilde

Timber skjermbilde

Graphical elements

Sometimes, it’s the little things that will separate the websites from each other. Websites today are normally made with the same setup, which is great for usability and accessibility for the users, and then we need something else to separate our page from every other. By using unique icons, illustrations and photos, we can achieve this.

Below is a example of unique icons used for Timber’s website. All their values are illustrated with hand drawn icons, with sketch style drawing to emphasize the traditional craftsmanship that the Timber brand want to show.